Friday, October 17, 2008

Sadakathulla Appa Waliyullah - kayalpatnam

Sadakathulla Appa Waliyullah is widely known as Madihur Rasul. Sadakathulla Appa was the third son of Saint Sulaiman Waliyullah. He was born on 1042 A.H. He studied under his father. Later he went to Adirampattinam and studied under his father’s class mate Magudoom Shaikh Abdul Qadir alias Magudoom Shinnina Lebbai Alim Wali who built the Jumma Mosque in Adirampattinam around 1640 A.D Magudoom Shinnina Wali and Sulaiman Wali studied under Periya Shamsuddeen Wali around 1020 A.H. He taught both men and jinns.
Qasidatul Witriyyah is the famousArabic Epic of Sadakathulla Appa. He has composed several thousand lines of long and short poems. His works also include commentaries on the works of famous Arab authors, criticism on some famous writings and contributions in the form of takhmis and tashtir. He visited various parts of India and preached Islam. He met the great Moghul emperor Aurangazib at Jamiah Mosque near the Red Fort, Delhi. The emperor maintained good relatinship with him and appointed his son Muhammad Lebbai Alim Wali as one of the scholars in the group of Alims who had prepared the famous fatwas called Fatwa Alamgiri. Sadakathulla Appa worked in Mecca and Madina for two years. He taught various subjects to the students in the holy cities. His younger brothers Salahuddin Wali and Samu Shihabuddin Wali traveled with him and propagated Islam. Sadakathulla Appa mostly spent his time in prayer and Dikr at Errattai Kulam Palli. At his old age he stayed at Keelakarai. Follwing Sadakathulla Appa SeethaKadi also went and settled at Keelakarai. When his master and guide Magudoom Shinnina Lebbai Alim came to Erwadi, he invited him and requested to stay at Keelakarai.The shrines of saint Magudoom Sinnina Alim and of a saint sadakathulla Appa are at Keelakarai.

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